Research Laboratories

Auditory and Communication Systems Laboratory

Our research aims to understand the behavioral and brain mechanisms underlying hearing and vocal communication in both basic science and translational models.

Bao Laboratory

Dr. Bao’s group focuses on understanding both cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying hearing loss and tinnitus, the two most common hearing diseases.

Hearing and Balance Research Laboratory

Our research focuses to advance our understanding of hearing and balance disorders through development of innovative assessment and treatment techniques, and service delivery approaches. Furthermore, it is our goal to carry out multi-disciplinary research to better understand how hearing loss and balance disorders impact the health and well-being of the whole person, in addition to their significant others and the public at large.

Human Motor Performance Laboratory

Harrison N. Jones, PhD, is the Principal Investigator of the Human Motor Performance Laboratory. Our research focuses on the study of normal and disordered motor function to enhance understanding of pathophysiology, develop behavioral interventions, and identify optimal outcome measures.

Right Hemisphere Communication Laboratory

The Minga Right Hemisphere Communication Lab is dedicated to understanding the communication impairments, particularly those concerning language production, that can occur following acquired damage to the right hemisphere after stroke. Dr. Minga co-developed the RHDBank database and protocol as a foundation for increasing scientific inquiry and understanding of language production after a right hemisphere stroke.