Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences Funded Projects

Current NIH/Federal funding, Duke Department of HNS&CS

Updated March 2023

Eliades, Steven

  • Sensory Prediction in the Auditory Cortex during Vocal Production

Frank-Ito, Dennis Onyeka

Goldstein, Bradley

Lee, Walter

Minga, Jamila

  • Neuroanatomic Correlates of Language Production Characteristics After Right Hemisphere Stroke

Osazuwa-Peters, Nosayaba

Riska, Kristal M.

Smith, Sherri L. 

Current Industry Funding, Duke Department of HNS&CS

Updated Mar 2023

Abi Hachem, Ralph

Caves, Kevin

  • Using Commodity Technologies to Identify Sleep-Activity Patterns in Older Adults

Jang, David

Jones, Harrison

Raynor, Eileen