World Voice Day

Duke Voice Care Center presents Virtual World Voice Day 2022

Free Your Voice!
Understanding Performance Anxiety & Vocal Health

Monday, May 2, 2022
7:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. 

Free live webinar

Topics covered:

  • Creating a routine to balance vocal and emotional health
  • Relaxation strategies for your speaking and singing voice
  • Effects of stress and anxiety on the voice and body
  • Vocal warm-up exercises
  • Managing your breath

Have you ever had trouble speaking or singing when the pressure was on? Has your voice been affected by stress or anxiety? You are not alone. Join Duke Voice Care Center and guest speaker Ingela Onstad for a free live webinar to discover tools for managing performance anxiety and vocal health. Learn skills to control your voice -- so it doesn’t control YOU!

Free Your Voice Guest Speaker Ingela Onstad
Guest Speaker: Ingela Onstad

Guest speaker Ingela Onstad is the 2022 award recipient of the Patrick D. Kenan Award for Vocal Health and Wellness. She is a professional soprano, psychotherapist, and board-certified High Performance Coach for performing artists and other professionals in the public eye. Her coaching business, Courageous Artistry, helps public-facing professionals address the anxiety that holds them back from performing at their highest level. Visit her at

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