Research - Communication Sciences Division

Hearing and Balance Research

Our research seeks to advance our understanding of hearing and balance disorders through the development of innovative assessment and treatment techniques, service delivery approaches, and understanding the impact of these disorders on the health and well-being of the whole person, their significant others, and the public at large. Our research program is strengthened by strong partnerships with the Duke Otolaryngology Clinics, Duke Audiology Clinics, Duke Vestibular Clinic, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke Pepper Center for Aging, Duke Department of Population Health Sciences, and Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute.

Our Department also spearheaded the formation of a practice-based research network, the CHEER Network, to enhance clinical research in hearing and balance disorders. Our work is funded by the National Institutes of Health, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, Department of Defense Congressional Directed Medical Research Program, Department of Veteran Affairs, and industry partners.

Communication, Voice, and Swallowing Research

Our research seeks to advance our understanding of communication, voice, and swallowing disorders by studying real-world practice patterns and patient outcomes and the use of behavioral treatments in individuals with neuromuscular conditions.