Research - Pediatric Otolaryngology Division

Research Programs

  • Dr. Eileen Raynor and Dr. Emily Commesso, PGY5 Otolaryngology Resident, are studying opioid use with or without postoperative steroids after tonsillectomy.
  • Dr. Raynor and Dr. Priya Dukes, PGY3 Otolaryngology Resident, are studying ciliary motility in children with normal and chronic sinusitis.
  • Dr. Raynor, in collaboration with Dr. Alexander Allori, Division of Plastic, Maxillofacial, and Oral Surgery, are examining 360 degree outcomes after cleft lip and/or palate surgery in the CleftKit study.
  • Dr. Raynor has several studies in progress examining congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV).
  • Dr. Jeffrey Cheng is studying innovative, minimally invasive therapies for the management of airway stenosis in children with cryotherapy.
  • Dr. Cheng analyzes institutional and national databases to help understand and find areas for improvement in patient safety.
  • Dr. Lee is conducting a machine learning study of tympanic membrane anatomy. Additionally, she is looking at pediatric dysphagia and a screening questionnaire prior to swallow study to eliminate studies that cannot be completed due to inadequate oral intake.