COVID-19 Research by Dr. Brad Goldstein Featured on ABC11 News

ABC11 News recently interviewed Dr. Brad Goldstein, Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences, about a research collaboration at Duke that aims to determine why certain patients infected with COVID-19 develop long-term loss of taste and smell. Even 5-6 months after recovering from the infection, approximately 15% of patients report this lingering symptom.

"When it became clear that COVID-19 is causing fairly commonly persistent loss and taste disorders, it was sort of a natural collaboration with us to team up to try and tackle this problem," says Dr. Brad Goldstein, Associate Professor of Head and Neck Surgery

In addition to Dr. Goldstein, the Duke research team includes Dr. Hiroaki Matsunami in the Department of Neurobiology, Dr. Nicholas Heaton in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, and Dr. Ashley Moseman in the Department of Immunology.

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"Why do some COVID-19 patients lose ability to taste and smell? A team of Duke doctors is working to find out"

ABC11 News
January 19, 2021