BOOST: Creating a Diverse Pipeline to Careers a Thank You Note

By Aleksandra Golota

The Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences department recognizes the importance of building a diverse pipeline to careers in its field.

To achieve this goal, the department partners with the BOOST Program (Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology). Through this partnership, faculty, residents, and staff provide educational content for the Duke BOOST curriculum, including educational videos and presentations at Science Saturday events. The department also supports BOOST Beyond, a student-driven mentorship program designed to help students plan and accomplish their post-high school goals.

Together with Duke BOOST, HNS&CS is creating opportunities for communities that are underrepresented in the professional sciences and students from economically challenged backgrounds. 

We got a thank you note from one of the participants of the program that was addressed to Dr. Walter Lee and our team:

“Dear Dr. Walter Lee & the Duke Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Science Team, thank you for your support of BOOST Beyond this year! You enabled us to support 25 Durham, high school students as they explore career paths, apply to college, and continue on their journey towards leaders in STEM. In the words of one of our mentees: “As a student growing up with immigrant parents, I was not sure what path to follow in my future. Whether I should just work full time or focus on school, I was lost. BOOST Beyond helped me find the perfect in between for me. I was accepted to the UNC-DTCC Transfer program and am still able to work at the same time. BOOST Beyond helped guide me to what best fit me and my life.” Thank you for supporting this mentee, an aspiring surgeon, and many others!”