Jack Finlay Wins 1st Prize for Presentation on Olfactory Neuroblastoma at Triological Society

Duke MSTP student, Jack Finlay, received a first place award for his research poster presentation at the annual Combined Section meeting of the Triological Society in San Diego. Founded in 1895, the Triological is the most prominent organization committed to supporting scholarly otolaryngology research, and disseminates basic and clinical research findings at its meetings. Finlay is in the MD, PhD training program at Duke and is pursuing his PhD dissertation research in the lab of Brad Goldstein, a faculty member in Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences at Duke. Finlay’s work, “An integrated biocomputational approach to olfactory neuroblastoma identifies potential therapeutic strategies” focuses on understanding the biology of tumors arising from the olfactory region of the nasal cavity, using molecular and computational approaches. Recognition from peers in the Triological Society is a reflection of the high quality and potential impact of his research.