About the Division

The Duke Division of Laryngology and Duke Voice Care Center provide clinical excellence in medical, surgical, and behavioral treatment for patients with the full range of conditions affecting the voice, swallowing, and breathing.

These exceptional treatments include:

  • An Interdisciplinary approach to treating patients with voice disorders, including clinical singing voice specialists
  • An interdisciplinary approach for patients with conditions involving breathing, such as chronic cough, vocal fold dysfunction, irritable larynx syndrome and dysfunctional breathing
  • Office-based procedures for patients with various voice and breathing disorders, including:
    • Botox for spasmodic dysphonia
    • Injection medialization for vocal fold paralysis
    • Steroid injections for airway stenosis
    • Laser procedures for laryngeal papilloma, vascular polyps, and precancerous lesions of the vocal folds

The Duke Division of Laryngology and Duke Voice Care Center are actively engaged in research to improve the evidenced-based care for patients with disorders involving the voice, swallowing, and breathing. Our goal is to improve and disseminate best practices in order to improve patient outcomes.

We also train tomorrow’s leaders in the fields of otolaryngology head & neck surgery, speech-language pathology and singing voice rehabilitation in the care of patients with voice, swallowing, and breathing problems.