Right Hemisphere Stroke Awareness GREW with Minga’s Minions

By Aleksandra Golota

On Friday, October 27th, Dr. Jamila Minga and her dedicated team of "Minga’s Minions" paid a visit to Duke clinics in a proactive effort to raise awareness about right hemisphere stroke. Driven by their mission, the Minga Right Hemisphere Communication Lab is committed to unraveling the complexities of communication impairments, with a particular focus on language production, that often manifest in the aftermath of right hemisphere strokes.

"Minga’s Minions" are a group of lab members inclusive of Duke undergraduate neuroscience students and graduate students in communication sciences and disorders at North Carolina Central University who share an unyielding passion for their research endeavors, as well as a dedication to expanding their participant registry. The Right Brain Stroke Research Registry (RBSRR) plays a vital role in recruiting and retaining participant volunteers needed to shape innovative discoveries that ultimately enhance patient care. Stroke survivors, their loved ones, friends, and individuals without brain damage can volunteer to help research efforts.

During their visit, the team traversed two clinics, explored multiple floors at Duke Central Towers, and engaged with inquisitive team members and visitors, providing valuable insights into their work.

Dr. Minga and "Minga’s Minions" are already planning an upcoming visit to Duke Regional Hospital before the year's end and will be aligning with Stroke Awareness Month in 2024, to continue their mission of spreading awareness and advancing stroke research so that more individuals can say that their  “right hemisphere stroke awareness GREW”.