Otolaryngology Resident Co-Founds Global OHNS Initiative

By By Michelle Macalino, Duke Surgery



Dr. Rolvix “Robbie” Patterson

Dr. Rolvix “Robbie” Patterson, PGY-2, co-founder of the Global Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Initiative (Global OHNS), and his team have partnered with the ENT-UK Global Health Committee. This new partnership will help develop guidelines for the management of OHNS conditions in low-resource settings.

Dr. Patterson serves in the executive committee with otolaryngologists from around the world. He contributes to strategic planning, recruitment, partnership building, and research project development.

Currently, a disproportionately high number of researchers from high-income countries publish research on low- and middle-income country health systems. One of Dr. Patterson’s primary focuses is promoting equity by supporting researchers from low- and middle-income countries.

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