Connections 2024

Inside Duke Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences

Winter 2024

Message from Dr. Francis

Howard Francis

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the third quarter edition of "Connections," our Departmental newsletter. This issue spotlights the tireless efforts of our faculty and residents in building our reputation as thought leaders and researchers, providers of excellent care and advocates for healthier and more connected communities.  

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Radiotherapy Brizel 2024 Correct image

Unique Duke Trial Recruiting Patients with Certain HPV-related Oropharyngeal Cancers

For adults diagnosed with specific human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers of the oropharynx, a Duke clinical trial — currently enrolling eligible patients — aims to reduce side effects of chemoradiation while maintaining outstanding results.


First Rhinology Quantitative Patient Preference Study

First Rhinology Quantitative Patient Preference Study Reveals Insights into Patients’ Treatment Choices

To gain a better understanding of what drives patient choices when it comes to the management of recurrent nasal polyps, Duke Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences (HNS&CS) partnered with Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)’s Center for Health Decision Making and GSK to conduct the first quantitative patient preference study in the field of rhinology.

Dr. Steven Eliades

How Tiny Monkeys Can Help Us Understand How We Process the Sound of Our Own Voices

Dr. Steven Eliades’s marmoset studies could one day help to improve therapies for certain speech and voice problems.

Dr. Lee

Improving Access to Technology Through Innovation

Walter Lee, MD, developed a low-cost nasopharyngoscope, created in conjunction with Duke engineering students and in partnership with Vivo Surgical based in Singapore, to get the right tool in the hands of more doctors and help them diagnose problems earlier.

North Raleigh International Baptist Church community work

Building Relationships to Improve Community Care: Duke HNS&CS and North Raleigh International Baptist Church

In December 2022, Duke HNS&CS sought out a collaboration with North Raleigh International Baptist Church (NRIBC) and Patrick Warutere to host a head and neck cancer screening event.

Dale Jessup

Offering Alternatives: Partial Laryngectomy Preserves Voice Function

When Dale Jessup’s laryngeal cancer recurred, he turned to Duke’s Russel Kahmke, MD, for a second opinion. We’re always looking for ways to treat our patients that preserve as much quality of life as possible. 

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